Micro Hydroelectricity

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Water wheel design

No one is indifferent to beautifully designed and working water wheels. It is an asset for the building and it's surroundings.

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Water wheel gearbox

Gratia Hydro specialises in water wheels which via a gearbox are connected to a generator. The generated electricity is easily supplied to the public grid.

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Water wheel yield

Historical water mills or places where water mills used to be, are the most suitable places to generate electricity with hydroelectricity. When mechanical work was very expensive water mills proved their worth. Now we are installing them again for generating 100% green energy.

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water wheel environment and sustainability

We are no longer in the luxurious position where we can overlook opportunities to generate green energy.

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Water wheel education

You hear and feel the power of water and the rotating movement of the wheel gives an insight to what happens.

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