Micro Hydroelectricity

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Water wheel from Gratia Hydro  

Gratia Hydro: designer, builder and operator of small hydroelectric power stations. Consultancy for generating sustainable electricity at historical sites. Overseeing a project from the start until a water mills works. A partnership based on enthusiasm and expertise.


Historical water mill locations are ideal for relaunching hydroelectricity. Economically interesting and sustainable. In tune with today’s trends. Hydro-electricity has the potential to generate green energy. Small scale hydro-electricity with water wheels is totally environmentally-friendly: harmless for birds and fish, in harmony with the surroundings and creates substantial CO2 reduction. The power of nature can be seen, felt and heard. Impressive for young and old to experience how this valuable energy can be made for people’s needs, so it is highly suitable for public locations.

Gratia Hydro revives water mills by: