Micro Hydroelectricity

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water wheel gearbox

Gratia Hydro specialises in water wheels which via a gearbox are connected to a generator. The generated electricity is easily supplied to the public grid.

Every water wheel that Gratia Hydro builds is customised. The history and present situation of the water flow determine which system suits best. With a fall up to three meters and a discharge of 500 liters a second is this an undershot or breast shot wheel. With a fall of more than three meters and a discharge of 1 m3 it is usually an overshot wheel.

Every time we install an industrial gear unit to crease the rotational speed of the water wheels to suit the generator. Industrial gear units work silently, efficiently and reliably.

Gratia Hydro uses different types of generator : permanent magnetic, synchronous and asynchronous. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. Gratia Hydro's experts give advice for the best solution for every situation.

The combination of water wheels, gearbox and generator form the heart of the installation. For everything to work optimally the locks, debris grids, steering and grid connection must be working well. Gratia Hydro brings it all together and directs every aspect of the project so that quality is guaranteed.