Micro Hydroelectricity

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The big advantage of hydropower is that generation is quite synchronized with demand. A lot in the winter and a little in the summer. Every year, more energy is generated than consumed. But it turns out that electricity still has to come from the grid. How is that possible?

The main reason is that there are a number of situations in which the generation is temporarily or for a longer period of time insufficient to meet the demand. This often concerns heavy consumers such as a heat pump or a car charger. In addition, there is the summer when water is sometimes scarce and insufficient energy can be generated

Gratia Hydro always advises first to improve energy efficiency. In practical terms, this means matching demand with generation. Always the cheapest solution, which is why it is hardly sold. Heat pumps often go on and off alternately; full power, no power. This creates peaks in which it is not possible to generate sufficient energy and troughs in which energy must be fed back into the grid. Many heat pumps can often reduce their capacity based on measurement data such as energy flow. If power is already requested from the grid, the heat pump will run more slowly, so that electricity consumption decreases and the power from the watermill can keep up. The power steps in the heat pump are quite big, but it's a start to match power generated and consumption.

Gratia Hydro has a similar system for EV chargers. Another option is to adjust the power of an electric heating element using a PLC. This is very accurate and you will almost reach zero on the meter if the generated power is sufficient.

The next step is to integrate solar panels to cover demand in the dry periods. Even then, energy efficiency applies. For example, use big appliances when the sun is shining. Or adjust the charging speed of the car to the amount of electricity generated.

For the real connoisseurs there is the storage system with batteries. Gratia Hydro uses the Victron Energies Energy Storage System for this. The quality is excellent and the possibilities are endless. This really makes it possible to achieve zero on the meter.

The follwing projects have been realised: