Micro Hydroelectricity

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onderslag waterrad Moulin de l'Ilse

There were two dilapidated water wheels on this mill in the Charente. Both with a diameter of 4.62 m. The largest wheel with a width of 1.46 m has been restored. With the existing gears, this mill has been made suitable for electricity generation and now produces 9 kW.

At first we thought we would do this with steel, but the millers really wanted wood. The combination turned out to be the right choice. The spokes are made of special oak. Subsequently, the rings and the supports of the blades are made of laser cut and galvanized steel. The curved blades are then made from watered larch. Visually very beautiful but also technically an improvement compared to the wooden rings and the straight blades.

The curvature of the blades was created based on experiments by the University of Turin. The straight part has been a practical implementation. Perhaps not 100% optimal, but maximally efficient.